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• The 'Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne' association

Franck ADENYS - Chairman

Franck ADENYS - Chairman

Elected Chairman early 2017, Franck Adenys has been producing buckwheat ("blé noir" in French) since 2007 in Guern, near Pontivy (Morbihan, Brittany). "Obtaining a Protected Geographical Indication for our PGI Brittany-made buckwheat flour® represented a huge commitment and an accomplishment for all stakeholders within our Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne association. A great deal of thought, obstinacy and tenacity were required to obtain this ultimate European label."
Christine LARSONNEUR - Director

Christine LARSONNEUR - Director

Christine Larsonneur has been running the entire Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne association since 2006. Over the years, her task has been to ensure that all stakeholders within the industry comply with strict specifications. This rigour guarantees a "Breton, and historically Breton" origin, as well as quality standards beyond reproach.

The Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne association: a 30-year-old industry

In 1987, a group of producers and millers decided to set up a buckwheat production in Brittany. The millers affiliated to this industry committed to taking over production and developing the sale of the PGI Brittany-made buckwheat flour®.
The groundwork carried out for several years resulted in them obtaining the Protected Geographical Indication label on 25 June 2010.
The Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne association is somewhat the conductor of all these buckwheat stakeholders. It ensures that each entity uses the proper cultivation, storage and transformation methods for all the PGI Brittany-made buckwheat flour® produced. As such, it guarantees high-quality produce with flawless traceability.

The organisation's cornestones

Since 2007, the Defence and Management Organisation (ODG as known in France) entitled Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne has encompassed three entities:

1) Producers of buckwheat grain,
2) Storage organisations entrusted with collecting, drying, sorting, storing and commercialising the buckwheat grain for all millers affiliated to the ODG,
3) Millers who manufacture and commercialise PGI Brittany-made buckwheat flour®.

The goals and tasks are clearly set out:

- Relaunching and enhancing the production and transformation of buckwheat into PGI Brittany-made buckwheat flour®,
- Protecting and defending regional Breton know-how, by obtaining European recognition (PGI),
- Ensuring all IG/02/00 specifications associated to the control plan are applied at each stage of the process.

Members of the Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne association

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the BNTB association encompasses 4 producers, 4 millers and 2 storage organisations.


1400 producers are certified to produce labelled buckwheat throughout Brittany, including the historical parts of Brittany.

Storage organisations

Triskalia/Celtepi - Landerneau (Finistère)  
Vegam/Agrial - Cesson-Sévigné (Ille-et-Vilaine)  
Roul'Agrinov - Moisdon-la-Rivière (Loire-Atlantique)  


Moulin de la Fatigue – Vitré (Ille-et-Vilaine)  
Moulin de Charbonnière – Saint-Grégoire (Ille-et-Vilaine)  
Moulin de Hurnel – Guéhenno (Morbihan)  
Moulin de Ferrand – Réguiny (Morbihan)  
Axiane Meunerie – Maure-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine)  
Moulin de la Courbe – Maure-de-Bretagne (Ille-et-Vilaine)  
Moulin de Ronçin – Ploërmel (Morbihan)  
Moulin du Pavillon – Séglien (Morbihan)  
Moulin de Suire – Boussai (Loire-Atlantique)  

Defence and Management Organisation
Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne
Cométias - PA de Ronsouze
Tèl: +33 (0)2 97 73 35 68