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The Protected Geographical Indication for our PGI Brittany-made buckwheat flour®

Play the following video and discover a presentation of the PGI "Brittany-made buckwheat flour®", created in partnership with the Region of Brittany and Toot! Sound and visual creations.

What is a PGI?

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) is a European recognition guaranteeing the link between a product and a territory. The PGI "Brittany-made buckwheat flour® PGI" is held by the Defence and Management Organisation (ODG in France) entitled Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne and encompasses three entities:

1) Producers

2) Storage organisations

3) Millers.

The specifications detailing required production conditions must be complied with by each operator.

As such, thanks to the PGI "Brittany-made buckwheat flour® PGI", consumers are ensured that the buckwheat was grown, stored and crushed, and that the resulting flour was produced in Brittany, including Historical Brittany and the Loire-Atlantique department.

Just like any other product with identified quality and origin, inspections are carried out by independent organisations - to ensure compliance with the conditions and authorised production area.


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Blé Noir Tradition Bretagne
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